For the Paulist Missionaries,
on the 25th Anniversary of St Paul's Missionary College

Paulist Houses in Australia

Provincial House,
477 Royal Parade,
Parkville, VIC 3052

St Paulís Missionary College,
Nortonís Lane,
Wantirna South, VIC 3152

St Bernadetteís Parish,
59B Westmoreland Road,
North Sunshine, VIC 3020

St James the Apostle Parish,
330, Derrimut Rd,
Hoppers Crossing North, VIC 3029

De Piro House,
19 Stanley Street,
East Sydney, NSW 2010

Maltese Chaplaincy,
175 Walters Road,
Blacktown, NSW 2148

1996 saw the 25th anniversary of St Paul's Missionary College Retreat Centre, the Paulist Missionaries' Formation House in Australia. To mark this event, Ruth Van Gramberg composed the following verses. They capture very well the Paulist Missionaries' Vision and Dream in Australia.

These verses were, then, put to music by Stephen Sulyok.

Pausing as a shadow drifts across an empty sky
Striving to discern where I may lead
Ears that hear a new born baby's cry
Prints I leave behind when my footsteps are unseen
Help in distress, comfort those in need
Broken wings, give them strength to fly
Knowledge and truth with radiance ever gleam
There lies the purpose of my life - my Vision my Dream.

Another world lies there patiently
I seek to calm the hidden strife around
Where unexpected drama fades the light
I seek the way, the path I must begin
Unprepared stranger in this land
Reach for new discoveries
Assist with knowledge, wisely paint the scene
There lies the purpose of my life - my Vision my Dream.

Unspoken tasks my hands be quick to yield
Nurture each person in sudden culture crossed
To lead, to guide, to train, to stimulate
And always give without the thought of loss
Leave behind my air of discontent
Symbols of the path once trod before
Perform in purity where ugliness is seen
There lies the purpose of my life - my Vision my Dream.

Love to steer, to sooth, to touch a single soul
With burning passion, change my dreary world
Strengthen my faith, with prayer to bind the links
Guide my journey, steer so I explore
My skills to share, to integrate, to bind
Teach them all as I once learnt before
Manifest goodness, patience so serene
There lies the purpose of my life - my Vision my Dream.

Shape the future by my smallest task
Respond to change and shield me as for war
With Christ to guide that I may humbly follow
Confront the odds and charge in willingly
Venture to unknown and foreign land
Communicate in places filled with hate
Spread a blend of values seldom seen
There lies the purpose of my life - my Vision my Dream.

- Words: Ruth Van Gramberg
- Music: Stephen Sulyok

© 1996 - All Rights Reserved

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